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E-712 Digital Piezo Controllers

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Modular System for up to 6 Axes for Highest Precision

Up to 50 kHz servo update rate
Highly stable 20-bit D/A converter
Real-time operating system for excellent trajectory control
Autoloading of calibration data from stage ID chip for interchangeability of controller and mechanics
Flexible interfaces: TCP/IP, USB, RS-232; optional broadband analog inputs and outputs
Extensive software package

Digital linearization for the highest accuracy
Linearization algorithms based on higher-order polynomials reduce the linearity error to less than 0.01 %. That is typically 10 times better than conventional controllers.

Flexible analog inputs and real-time PIO
Each of the four optionally available analog inputs can be configured in two ways. As control input, the voltage applied is linked to one of the axes, e.g., for target values. Configuration as external sensor input allows reading of additional sensor signals, e.g., for autofocusing. Alternatively, the system can be equipped with a fast 32-bit PIO (parallel I/O) for commanding. The PIO supports a restricted command set with 100,000 read and write commands per second required for motion.

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Item #

Item Name


Output Voltage

Peak Output Power / Channel

Average Output Power / Channel

E-712.3CD E-712 Digital Piezo Controllers 3 -30 to 135 V 25 W 8 W
E-712.3CDA E-712 Digital Piezo Controllers 3 -30 to 135 V 25 W 8 W
E-712.6CD E-712 Digital Piezo Controllers 6 -30 to 135 V 25 W 8 W
E-712.6CDA E-712 Digital Piezo Controllers 6 -30 to 135 V 25 W 8 W
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1 

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