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High-Speed Digital Controllers

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Product Image - High-Speed Digital Piezo NanoAutomation Controller

High-Speed Digital Piezo NanoAutomation® Controller

  • Ultra-Fast Servo Loop: 90 µsec
  • Optical FiberLink Interface (Optional): 1 Mbit/s
  • DSP-Based Real-Time Operating System
  • Additional High-Speed Analog Input
  • AutoCalibration Function for NanoPositioning Systems with ID Chip
  • All Servo-Parameters Stored in Flash ROM
  • Autofocus Firmware Option
  • GCS (General Command Set) Compatible
  • Optional InputShaping®
Product Image - Multi-Channel Digital Piezo Controllers with Dynamic Linearization

Multi-Channel Digital Piezo Controllers with Dynamic Linearization

  • For Piezo Nanopositioners with Capacitive Feedback Sensors
  • 3-, 4- & 6-Channel Versions
  • 32-Bit Digital Filters
  • Hardware and Firmware Linearization
  • Coordinate Transformation for Parallel Kinematics / Parallel Metrology Systems
  • Optional Dynamic Digital Linearization (Firmware Option) Improves Scanning Linearity
  • ID Chip Support for Automatic Calibration
  • Optional High-Speed Parallel I/O or DSP Interface
  • Optional Analog Input
  • GCS (General Command Set) Compatible
E-712 Digital Piezo Controllers

E-712 Digital Piezo Controllers

Modular System for up to 6 Axes for Highest Precision

Up to 50 kHz servo update rate
Highly stable 20-bit D/A converter
Real-time operating system for excellent trajectory control
Autoloading of calibration data from stage ID chip for interchangeability of controller and mechanics
Flexible interfaces: TCP/IP, USB, RS-232; optional broadband analog inputs and outputs
Extensive software package

Digital linearization for the highest accuracy
Linearization algorithms based on higher-order polynomials reduce the linearity error to less than 0.01 %. That is typically 10 times better than conventional controllers.

Flexible analog inputs and real-time PIO
Each of the four optionally available analog inputs ...
Product Image - High-Speed NanoAutomation Piezo Controllers

High-Speed NanoAutomation® Piezo Controllers

  • 10 µs Parallel Command Port
  • OEM Modules and Bench-Top Versions
  • Controls LVPZT NanoPositioners with Capacitive Sensors
  • Opto-Isolation for EMI Immunity
  • Integrated PZT Power Amplifier

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