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E-508 PICA Piezo Amplifier Modules

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High-Power Module with 1100 V Voltage Range, for the E-500 Piezo Controller System

Module for E-500 piezo controller rack
E-508.OE for switching applications
Position control (optional)
Interface / display modules (optional)

The E-508 high-power amplifier for PICA high-voltage piezo actuators (HVPZT) is a plug-in module for the E-500 piezo controller system. This low-noise amplifier can output and sink a peak current of 50 mA (E-508.OE: up to 400 mA) in an 1100 V range. E-508 systems offer precision control of piezo actuators and piezo positioning systems both in closed-loop and voltage-controlled operation.

Voltage controlled piezo positioning
In open-loop operation, the output voltage is determined either exactly by manually using a 10-turn DC-offset potentiometer or directly by using an analog signal. Open-loop operation is ideal for applications where fast response times and very high resolutions are essential at maximum bandwidth. The specification or position feedback in absolute values is either not significant or is done by an external servo loop.

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Item #

Item Name

Output Voltage (Default)

Average Output Power

Peak Power (< 5 ms)

Average Output Current

E-508.00 E-508 PICA Piezo Amplifier Modules 3 to +1100 V 13 W 50 W 12 mA
E-508.OE E-508 PICA Piezo Amplifier Modules 3 to 1100 V 13 W 400 W 12 mA
  Results 1 - 2 of 2 1 

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