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Item # P-616.3C, P-616 NanoCube® Nanopositioners

Compact Parallel-Kinematic Piezo System for Nanopositioning and Fiber Alignment

Parallel-kinematic design for the highest stiffness in all spatial directions
Highly dynamic motion due to high resonant frequencies even with loads up to 100 g
Innovative product design for flexible use due to single mounting platform.
Only nanopositioner available on the market with ID chip functionality
Smallest and lightest NanoCube® with 100 µm travel range on the market

Subnanometer resolution with capacitive sensors
Capacitive sensors measure with subnanometer resolution without contacting. They guarantee excellent linearity of motion, long-term stability, and a bandwidth in the kHz range.

Automatic configuration and fast component exchange
Mechanics and controllers can be combined as required and exchanged quickly. All servo and linearization parameters are stored in the ID chip of the D-sub connector of the mechanics. The autocalibration function of the digital controllers uses this data each time the controller is switched on.


Active Axes

X, Y, Z

Open Loop Travel Range at -20 to 120 V

110 µm/ axis

Open Loop Travel Range at -20 to 120 V Tolerance (±)


Closed Loop Travel Range

100 µm/ axis

Closed Loop Travel Range Tolerance (±)

+20/-0 %

Open Loop Resolution 1 s (typ.)

0.3 nm

Closed Loop Resolution 1 s (typ.)

0.4 nm

Linearity Error (typ.)

0.03 %

Travel Range Bidirectional Repeatability, 1 s, 10 % (typ.)

<10 nm

Travel Range Bidirectional Repeatability 1 s, 100 % (typ.)

<15 nm

Sensor Type

Capacitive Sensors


0.5 N/µm

Stiffness Tolerance (±)

10 %

No Load Resonant Frequency (X/Y/Z)

700 Hz

No Load Resonant Frequency (X/Y/Z) Tolerance (±)

10 %

Resonant Frequency with 30 g Load (X/Y/Z)

380 Hz

Resonant Frequency with 30 g Load (X/Y/Z) Tolerance (±)

20 %

Resonant Frequency with 100 g Load (X/Y/Z)

250 Hz

Resonant Frequency with 100 g Load (X/Y/Z) Tolerance (±)

20 %

Push/Pull Force Capacity (max.)

15 N

Max. Permissible Torque

0.4 Nm

Ceramic Type

PICMA® P-885.50

Electrical Capacitance

1.5 / axis µF

Electrical Capacitance Tolerance (±)

20 %

Operating Temperature Range

-20 to 80 ºC




40 × 40 × 40 mm

Moved Mass without Load

0.021 kg

Mass without Cable

0.125 kg

Mass with Cable

0.4 kg

Cable Length

1.5 m


D-sub 25W3 (m)

Recommended Electronics




Fields of Application

  • Fiber positioning and alignment
  • Scanning microscopy
  • 2-photon polymerization
  • Nanotechnology and nanomanufacturing
  • Photonics / integrated optics
  • Micromanipulation
  • Sample positioning

Additional Information

Suitable for sophisticated vacuum applications
All components used in the piezo systems are excellently suited for use in vacuum. No lubricant or grease is necessary for operating. Polymer-free piezo systems allow particularly low outgas rates.

Outstanding lifetime thanks to PICMA® piezo actuators
The patented PICMA® piezo actuators are all-ceramic insulated. This protects them against humidity and failure resulting from an increase in leakage current. PICMA® actuators offer an up to ten times longer lifetime than conventional polymer-insulated actuators. 100 billion cycles without a single failure are proven.

High guiding accuracy due to zero-play flexure guides
Flexure guides are free of maintenance, friction, and wear, and do not require lubrication. Their stiffness allows high load capacity and they are insensitive to shock and vibration. They are 100 % vacuum compatible and work in a wide temperature range.

High dynamics multi-axis operation due to parallel kinematics
In a parallel-kinematic multi-axis system, all actuators act on a common platform. The minimum mass inertia and the identical design of all axes allow fast, dynamic, and nevertheless precision motion.


The resolution of the system is limited only by the noise of the amplifier and the measuring technology because PI piezo nanopositioning systems are free of friction.

All specifications based on room temperature (22 ºC ±3 ºC).


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