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Item # V-408, V-408 PIMag® Linear Stages

Inexpensive, with linear motor

Iron core 3-phase linear motor

Crossed roller guides for high load capacity

Compact design

Low price

PIMag® magnetic direct drive
3-phase magnetic direct drives do not use mechanical components in the drivetrain, they transmit the drive force to the motion platform directly and without friction. The drives reach high velocities and accelerations. Iron core motors are used when forces and accelerations need to be achieved in a limited installation space. The design with iron cores maximizes the magnetic forces and ensures high thermal stability of the drive.

Direct position measurement
Position measuring takes place directly at the motion platform with the highest accuracy so that nonlinearity, mechanical play or elastic deformation have no influence on position measuring.

Crossed roller guide
With crossed roller guides, the point contact of the balls in ball guides is replaced by line contact of the hardened rollers. Consequently, they are considerably stiffer and need less preload, which reduces friction and allows smoother running. Crossed roller guides are also distinguished by high guiding accuracy and load capacity. Force-guided rolling element cages prevent cage creep.

Application fields
Industry and research. Automation technology with high demands on dynamics and precision.


Active Axes


Travel Range (V-408.132020)

25 mm

Travel Range (V-408.232020)

50 mm

Integrated Sensor

Incremental linear encoder

Sensor Signal Periods

80 µm

Sensor Resolution (typ.)

10 N·m

Min. Incremental Motion (typ.)

20 N·m

Bidirectional Repeatability (typ.)

±0.1 µm

Pitch / Yaw (typ.)

±150 µrad

Straightness / Flatness (typ.)

±4 µm

Velocity (max.) (V-408.132020)

0.5 m/s

Velocity (max.) (V-408.232020)

0.7 m/s

Load Capacity in Z (max.)

80 N

Permissible Lateral Force (max.)

80 N

Permissible Torque in θX (max.)

2.3 N·m

Permissible Torque in θY, θZ (max.)

1.3 N·m

Moved Mass (V-408.132020)

0.23 kg

Moved Mass (V-408.232020)

0.3 kg

Mass without Cable (V-408.132020)

0.5 kg

Mass without Cable (V-408.232020)

0.65 kg

Overall Mass (V-408.132020)

0.79 kg

Overall Mass (V-408.232020)

0.94 kg

Guide Type

Crossed roller guide with anti-creep system

Drive Type

PIMag® linear motor, iron core, 3-phase

Intermediate Circuit Voltage (max.) (DC)

48 V

Peak Force (typ.)

14 N

Nominal Force (typ.)

5 N

Peak Current (RMS) (typ.)

3.2 A

Nominal Current (RMS) (typ.)

1.1 A

Force Constant (RMS) (typ.)


Resistance Phase to Phase (typ.)

2.46 O

Inductance Phase to Phase (typ.)

1.94 mH

Back EMF Phase to Phase (max.)

2.81 V s/m

Pole Pitch N-N

18 mm

Permissible Temperature for Positioner Components (max.)

80 ºC

Operating Temperature Range

10 to 50 ºC


20 to 90% Relative, Not Condensing


Black Anodized

Motor Connector

HD D-sub 26 (m)

Sensor Connector

D-sub 15 (f)

Cable Length

2 m


The specifications apply to room temperature (22 ºC ±3 ºC), specifications may deviate outside of this range.

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