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 All Categories    High-Speed Miniature Piezo Tilt Mirror
All Categories > Nanopositioning: Piezo Stages,
Actuators, Piezo Controllers, Sensors
> Piezo Steering Mirrors / Active Optics > Single-Axis Platforms / Shifters > High-Speed Miniature Piezo Tilt Mirror > Item # S-226.00
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Item # S-226.00, High-Speed Miniature Piezo Tilt Mirror

  • Sub-µrad Resolution
  • Very Fast: 10 kHz Resonant Frequency for Sub-Millisecond Response
  • Up to 4.4 mrad Optical Beam Deflection
  • Closed-Loop Versions for Better Linearity
  • Includes BK7 Mirror
  • Zero Friction Flexure Guiding System


Active Axes


Open Loop Angular Resolution

0.05 µrad

Unloaded Resonant Frequency

9.00 kHz

Closed Loop Angular Resolution

0.10 µrad

Open Loop Tilt Angle

2.2 mrad ±20%

Integrated Feedback Sensor

Strain Gauge

Weight (without Cables)

98 g±5%

Electrical Capacitance

1.5 µF ±20%

Dynamic Operating Current Coefficient (DOCC)

0.1 µ A/(Hz x µrad)

Resonant Frequency with Ø15 x 4 mm Glass Mirror (included)

7.5 kHz ±20%

Resonant Frequency with Ø15 x 4 mm Copper Mirror

5.7 kHz ±20%

Distance, Pivot Point to Platform Surface (T)

4 mm

Platform Moment of Inertia

215 g·m²

Operating Temperature Range

-20 to 80 ºC

Voltage Connection


Material (Case)


Material (Platform)


Recommended Amplifier / Controller

H, D

Closed Loop Tilt Angle

2.0 mrad

Closed Loop Linearity

0.20 %

Full-Range Repeatability (typ.)

±3 µrad

Sensor Connection



Beam switching
Correction of polygon scanner errors

Laser beam stabilization

Laser beam steering and scanning

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