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 All Categories    L-306 Compact Precision Z Stages
All Categories > L-306 Compact Precision Z Stages > Item # L-306.013112  
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Item # L-306.013112, L-306 Compact Precision Z Stages

Z stage with DC motor, linear encoder with A/B quadrature signal transmission


Integrated Sensor

Incremental linear encoder

Pitch (typ.)

±175 µrad

Yaw (typ.)

±150 µrad

Reference and Limit Switches


Guide Type

Crossed roller guide with anti-creep system

Drive Screw Type

Ball screw

Push / Pull Force (max.)

20 N

Holding Force (Power Off) (typ.)

20 N

Permissible Lateral Force (max.)

10 N

Load Capacity (max.)

20 N

Motor Type

DC motor

Operating Temperature Range

5 to 40 ºC


20 to 80% Relative, Not Condensing


Anodized Aluminum

Mass Tolerance

±5 %

Moved Mass Tolerance

±5 %


HD Sub-D 26 (m) (motor and encoder)

Recommended Controllers

ACS modular controller
C-863 (single axis)

C-884 (up to 6 axes)

C-885 with C-863.20C885 (to 40 axes)

Position measurement

  • Incremental linear encoder (optional with stepper motor variants)
  • Noncontact optical reference and limit switches


  • 2-phase stepper motor or closed-loop DC motor
  • Backlash-compensated ball screws


Provided that the controller is ordered at the same time as the positioner, all cables required for operation with the recommended controller are included in the scope of delivery (exception: ACS controller). The cable length is 3 m. Cables for connecting to ACS controllers or other controllers can be ordered as accessories.

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