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3-Channel Nanocube Controllers

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Product Image - NanoCube Piezo Controller

NanoCube® Piezo Controller

  • 3 x 14 W Peak Power
  • Position Servo-Control
  • For P-611 NanoCube® NanoPositioning Systems
E-727.x and E-727.xAP Digital Multi-Channel Piezo Controllers

E-727.x and E-727.xAP Digital Multi-Channel Piezo Controllers

For Nanopositioning Systems with Capacitive, Piezo resistive or Strain Gauge Sensors
Auto loading of calibration data from stage ID chip for interchangeability of controller and mechanics
Option for increased output current
Optional analog inputs and outputs
4th order polynomial linearization for mechanics and electronics

Digital controller for piezo-based Nano positioning systems
Integrated low-noise power amplifiers for PICMA® piezo actuators. Output voltage -30 to +130 V. Supports Nano positioning systems with strain gauge sensors, capacitive sensors or piezo resistive sensors. P-I controller with 2 notch filters. Linearization based on 4th-order polynomials. Optional Dynamic Digital Linearization (DDL). Delivery ...

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