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C-887.52x Hexapod Motion Controllers

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Compact Bench-Top Device for Controlling 6-Axis Systems

Sophisticated controller using vector algorithms

Commanding in Cartesian coordinates

Easy customization of coordinate systems by command

Analog interfaces and motion stop optional

Extensive software package

Digital controller for 6-axis parallel kinematics
High-performance digital controller for hexapods (6-axis parallel-kinematics) with DC motors. Additional control for two further single axes with integrated ActiveDrive.

TCP/IP for remote control and remote maintenance. RS-232. USB connection for external input devices (HID).

Scope of delivery
The order is made together with suitable hexapod mechanics. The scope of delivery includes the hexapod, controller with software package, cable set, and power adapter.

Position input via Cartesian coordinates, coordinate transformation handled by the controller. To simplify integration of the hexapod, the reference system (Work, Tool) can be quickly and easily changed. The real-time operating system prevents jitter and therefore guarantees constantly low response times. Stable, virtual pivot point can be freely defined in space. Data recorder for recording of operating data such as motor control, velocity, position or position errors. Macro programming. An autostart macro allows stand-alone operation. The controller supports motor brakes and absolute-measuring sensors with BiSS interface.

Extensive software support
PIMikroMove user software. Common command set for all PI positioning systems. Full set of drivers for use with NI LabVIEW. GUI input interfaces, configuration software, and graphically displayed scan routines.

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Item #

Item Name

Servo Cycle Time

Hexapod Power Supply

Maximum Output Current

Max. Current Consumption

C-887.52 C-887.52x Hexapod Motion Controllers 100 µs 24 V 7 A 8 A
C-887.521 C-887.52x Hexapod Motion Controllers 100 µs 24 V 7 A 8 A
C-887.522 C-887.52x Hexapod Motion Controllers 100 µs 24 V 7 A 8 A
C-887.523 C-887.52x Hexapod Motion Controllers 100 µs 24 V 7 A 8 A
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1 

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