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 All Categories    C-884.4DC and C-884.6DC Motion Controllers for DC Motors
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C-884.4DC and C-884.6DC Motion Controllers for DC Motors

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For Positioners with Closed-Loop DC Motor, USB, RS-232, TCP/IP, SPI, I/O, Joystick

PID servo control with dynamic parameter switching

Powerful macro programming language, e.g., for stand-alone operation

Data recorder

Integrated interfaces: USB, RS-232, Ethernet, SPI, I/O, joystick

Trajectory support for 1- or 2–D motion patterns

Digital motion controller for DC servo motors
4 or 6 axes. Dual-core architecture for increased performance and flexibility by separating command processing and position control. Simple adaptation / extension possible for OEM products. Motion control of PI positioning systems with DC motors: Direct motor control, PWM control for PI positioning stages with integrated ActiveDrive amplifiers or integrated block commutation (brushless motors). Supports motor brake.

Interfaces and communication
Interfaces: TCP/IP, USB and RS-232 for commands. A/B quadrature encoder input. TTL inputs for limit and reference point switches. I/O lines (analog/digital) for automation. USB interface for human interface devices.

Motion profiles
Point-to-point, trapezoidal velocity profile. User-definable trajectories (e.g., circles, sine curves) from externally fed points.

Extensive functions, software support
Powerful macro command language. Nonvolatile macro storage, e.g., for stand-alone operation with auto start macro. Data recorder. ID chip detection for fast startup. PID controller, parameter changing during operation. Extensive software support, e.g., for NI LabVIEW, C, C++, MATLAB, Python. PIMikroMove user software.

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Servo Cycle Time

Max. Output Voltage

Max. Output Power

C-884.6DC C-884.4DC and C-884.6DC Motion Controllers for DC Motors 6 100 µs 24 V 240 W
C-884.4DC C-884.4DC and C-884.6DC Motion Controllers for DC Motors 4 100 µs 24 V 240 W
  Results 1 - 2 of 2 1 

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