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H-845 Heavy-Duty Hexapod Stages

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Position up to 1 ton with micrometer precision

Scalable design: Dimensions, travel ranges, and loads

Drive: brushless motors with brake

Parallel-kinematic design for six degrees of freedom making it significantly more compact and stiff than serial-kinematic systems, higher dynamic range, no moved cables: Higher reliability, reduced friction. Large aperture. Brushless DC motors with brake.

High-performance digital controller, open software architecture
6-DOF controller for hexapods, incl. control of two additional axes. Freely programmable stable pivot point. Positions commanded in Cartesian coordinates. Macro programming. Open-source NI LabVIEW driver and libraries. Workspace simulation. Virtual machine for hexapod emulation. Optional: Software for avoiding collisions in restricted workspace.

Rapid implementation of customer requests
The high-load hexapod has a modular structure and uses a set of different modules for drive units and joints. The platforms can be adapted to the customer's application. This allows for rapid implementation of special customer requirements.

Fields of application
Research and industry. For precision assembly, astronomy, aerospace.

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Item #

Item Name

Backlash θX, θY (typ.)

H-845.D11 H-845 Heavy-Duty Hexapod Stages 15 µrad
H-845.D31 H-845 Heavy-Duty Hexapod Stages 30 µrad
H-845.D51 H-845 Heavy-Duty Hexapod Stages 30 µrad
H-845.D21 H-845 Heavy-Duty Hexapod Stages 15 µrad
H-845.D41 H-845 Heavy-Duty Hexapod Stages 30 µrad
H-845.D61 H-845 Heavy-Duty Hexapod Stages 30 µrad
  Results 1 - 6 of 6 1 

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