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Item # C-865.1xx, High-Speed,Closed-Loop Controller/Driver for PILine® Ultrasonic Piezo Linear Motors

  • Optimized for PILine® Piezo Linear Motors
  • High-Speed Encoder Input: 35 MHz
  • PID Servo Algorithm with Dynamic Parameter Switching
  • Integrated Piezomotor Drive Electronics
  • S-Curve Profile Generator
  • Limit Switch Control
  • 3 TTL Inputs, 3 TTL Outputs
  • Analog Input
  • Comprehensive High-Level Language Command Set
  • Extensive Software Support, GCS Compatible
  • 1 Mbit RAM for Real-Time Tracing



Controller / Driver for PILinePiezomotor Systems



Controller Characteristics

Programmable PID, V-ff filter, on-the-fly parameter change

Trajectory Profile


Resolution / Output Voltage

16-bit DAC, 0 to 60 Vrms (C-865.x61) or 0 to 170 Vrms (C-865.x65), at piezomotor MDR14 connector

Encoder Input

A/B differential signal, 35 x 106 Impulse/s, 4 x interpolated

Stall Detection

Stop motor, deactivate servo, when position error exceeds programmable threshhold.

Limit Switch Control

2 programmable TTL lines (active high / low)

Reference Switch

1 programmable TTL line (active High/Low)

Operating Voltage

12 V DC, external power supply (included)

Operating Current

190 mA (w/o piezomotor), current limit 1 A


USB 1.1; RS-232, max. 115, 200 Baud

Analog and Digital I/O Connector

DB9 Connector

Command Set

PI General Command Set (GCS)


565 g


185 x 125 x 44 mm


Fiber alignment

Flexible automation


Quality control

Test equipment

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