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 All Categories    E-727.x and E-727.xAP Digital Multi-Channel Piezo Controllers
All Categories > Nanopositioning: Piezo Stages,
Actuators, Piezo Controllers, Sensors
> Piezo drivers, Controllers, Power Amps > 3-Channel Nanocube Controllers > Item # E-727
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Item # E-727, E-727.x and E-727.xAP Digital Multi-Channel Piezo Controllers

For Nanopositioning Systems with Capacitive, Piezo resistive or Strain Gauge Sensors
Auto loading of calibration data from stage ID chip for interchangeability of controller and mechanics
Option for increased output current
Optional analog inputs and outputs
4th order polynomial linearization for mechanics and electronics

Digital controller for piezo-based Nano positioning systems
Integrated low-noise power amplifiers for PICMA® piezo actuators. Output voltage -30 to +130 V. Supports Nano positioning systems with strain gauge sensors, capacitive sensors or piezo resistive sensors. P-I controller with 2 notch filters. Linearization based on 4th-order polynomials. Optional Dynamic Digital Linearization (DDL). Delivery includes wide input range power supply, USB and RS-232 cable.

Extensive functionality
ID chip for fast startup and quick exchange of system components. Data recorder, wave generator, macros. Extensive software support, e.g., for NI LabVIEW, dynamic libraries for Windows and Linux.

High dynamics
Increased output current (optional) for dynamic applications that require a high peak current.

TCP/IP, USB, RS-232, SPI. 4 analog inputs and outputs each (optional) for external sensors, target values or external amplifiers. 4 digital inputs and outputs respectively.


Sensor Type

E-727.xCxxx: Capacitive
E-727.xSxxx: Strain gauge sensors
E-727.xRxxx: Piezo resistive


Digital controller for multi-axis piezo Nano positioning systems. Additional functions:
.xxxA: Analog interfaces
.xxxP: Increased output current
.xxxAP: Analog interfaces, increased output current





E-727.3x: 3
E-727.4x: 4


DSP 32/64-bit, floating point, 375 MHz

Servo Control Sampling Rate

20 kHz

Sensor Sampling Rate

100 kHz

Controller Type

P-I, two notch filters
Optional: Advanced piezo control

Sensor Channels

E-727.xCxxx: 3
E-727.xSxxx, E-727.xRxxx: 4

Sensor Bandwidth (-3 dB)

10 kHz

Sensor Resolution (at 1 KHz Oversampling)


Output Voltage (E-727.xxx, E-727.xxxA)

-30 to 130 V (±3 V)

Output Voltage (E-727.xxxP, E-727.xxxAP)

-30 to 130 V (±3 V)

Amplifier Channels (E-727.xxx, E-727.xxxA)


Amplifier Channels (E-727.xxxP, E-727.xxxAP)


Peak Power / Channel (E-727.xxx, E-727.xxxA)

28 W max. 30 ms

Peak Power / Channel (E-727.xxxP, E-727.xxxAP)

270 W max. 10 ms

Average Output Power / Channel (E-727.xxx, E-727.xxxA)

14 W

Average Output Power / Channel (E-727.xxxP, E-727.xxxAP)

30 W

Peak Current / Channel (E-727.xxx, E-727.xxxA)

180 mA max. 30 ms

Peak Current / Channel (E-727.xxxP, E-727.xxxAP)

1500 mA max. 10 ms

Average Output Current / Channel (E-727.xxx, E-727.xxxA)

75 mA

Average Output Current / Channel (E-727.xxxP, E-727.xxxAP)

200 mA

Current Limitation (E-727.xxx, E-727.xxxA)

Short-circuit proof

Current Limitation (E-727.xxxP, E-727.xxxAP)

Short-circuit proof

Resolution DAC (E-727.xxx, E-727.xxxA)


Resolution DAC (E-727.xxxP, E-727.xxxAP)


Amplifier Bandwidth (E-727.xxx, E-727.xxxA)

6.5 kHz

Amplifier Bandwidth (E-727.xxxP, E-727.xxxAP)

6.5 kHz




Connector for SPI master for fast serial transmission of target and current position

Piezo / Sensor Connection (E-727.xxx, E-727.xxxP)

E-727.xCxx: Sub-D 25W3 (f)
E-727.xSxx, E-727.xRxx: Sub-D 37 (f)

Piezo / Sensor Connection (E-727.xxxA, E-727.xxxAP)

E-727.xCxxx: Sub-D 25W3 (f)
E-727.xSxxx, E-727.xRxxx: Sub-D 37 (f)

Analog Inputs (E-727.xxxA, E-727.xxxAP)

Sub-D 15 (f)
4 inputs
±5 V or ±10 V
18-bit A/D converter

Analog Output (E-727.xxxA, E-727.xxxAP)

Sub-D 15 (f)
±10 V
20-bit D/A converter

Sensor Monitor Output (E-727.xxxA, E-727.xxxAP)

Sub-D 15 (f)
Sensor channels 1 to 3

Digital Input / Output (E-727.xxx, E-727.xxxP)

MDR14; 4 inputs, 4 outputs

Digital Input / Output (E-727.xxxA, E-727.xxxAP)

MDR14; 4 inputs, 4 outputs

Separate Protective Earth Connection (E-727.xxx, E-727.xxxP)


Separate Protective Earth Connection (E-727.xxxA, E-727.xxxAP)


Command Set

PI General Command Set (GCS)

User Software


Software Drivers

NI LabVIEW and MATLAB driver, shared libraries for Windows and Linux; extensive example code

Supported Functions

Wave generator, data recorder, macros, autozero, ID chip detection

Display and Indicators

LEDs for Power, Servo, Error, Overflow


4th-order polynomials, DDL (Dynamic Digital Linearization)

Operating Temperature Range (E-727.xxx, E-727.xxxA)

5 to 40 ºC

Operating Temperature Range (E-727.xxxP, E-727.xxxAP)

5 to 40 ºC

Overheat Protection (E-727.xxx, E-727.xxxA)

Max. 72 ºC, deactivation of the voltage output

Overheat Protection (E-727.xxxP, E-727.xxxAP)

Max. 72 ºC, deactivation of the voltage output
Alarm threshold at 66 ºC

Mass (E-727.xxx, E-727.xxxA)

2.4 to 2.6 kg

Mass (E-727.xxxP, E-727.xxxAP)

3.3 kg

Fuse (E-727.xxx, E-727.xxxA)

1 x T3.15 AH, 5 × 20 mm

Fuse (E-727.xxxP, E-727.xxxAP)

1 x T4 AH, 5 × 20 mm

Max. Power Consumption (E-727.xxx, E-727.xxxA)

80 W

Max. Power Consumption (E-727.xxxP, E-727.xxxAP)

84 W

Max. Power Consumption Without Load (E-727.xxx, E-727.xxxA)

24 W

Max. Power Consumption Without Load (E-727.xxxP, E-727.xxxAP)

40 W

Operating Voltage (E-727.xxx, E-727.xxxA)

24 V DC (external power adapter in the scope of delivery)

Operating Voltage (E-727.xxxP, E-727.xxxAP)

24 V DC (external power adapter in the scope of delivery)


·  E-727.x and E-727.xAP Digital Multi-Channel Piezo Controllers - 3

·  E-727.x and E-727.xAP Digital Multi-Channel Piezo Controllers - 4

·  E-727.x and E-727.xAP Digital Multi-Channel Piezo Controllers - 5

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