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Motorized Stages, Hexapods, Controllers
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Item # N-470, N-470 PiezoMike Linear Actuators

Minimum dimensions, high forces, stable positioning

Compact design

Self-locking, no heat generation at rest

Linear actuator with piezo motors
Linear screw-type actuator with piezo inertia drive for high-resolution and stable positioning.

Alignment of mechanical and optomechanical components
Stable adjustment in optical paths. Long-term positioning: High stability at target position, reliable startup even after longer downtimes. High holding force and resolution by combining piezo actuators with mechanical thread translation.

Piezo motors
Compact, inexpensive inertia drive principle (stick-slip). The drive is self-locking at rest, requires no current, and does not generate any heat. It holds the position with maximum force.


Active Axis


Travel Range (N-470.1xx)

7 mm

Travel Range (N-470.2xx)

13 mm

Travel Range (N-470.4xx)

26 mm

Max. Step Size in Step Mode

50 N·m

Typ. Step Size

20 N·m

Step Frequency

2000 Hz

Max. Velocity in Full-Step Mode

3.6 mm/min

Typ. Velocity in Full-Step Mode

2.4 mm/min

Mechanical Interface

N-470.x1x: M10×1 mounting thread N/µm
N-470.x2x: 9.5 mm clamping shank

Stiffness in Motion Direction

15 N

Feed Force (Active)

22 N

Holding Force (passive)

>100 N

Permissible Lateral Force


Drive Type

Piezo motor

Max. Operating Voltage

80 V

Max. Power Consumption

5 W

Operating Temperature Range

10 to 40 ºC

Screw Material

Stainless Steel

Housing Material

Aluminum (Anodized)

Nut Material


Dimensions (N-470.1xx)

14 × 28 × 48 mm

Dimensions (N-470.2xx)

14 × 28 × 53.5 mm

Dimensions (N-470.4xx)

14 × 28 × 68.5 mm


80 g

Cable Length

2 m

Cable Exit (N-470.xxx)


Cable Exit (N-470.xxxY)

Turned Cable Exit


LEMO, 3-pin

Recommended Electronics



·  N-470 PiezoMike Linear Actuators - 3

·  N-470 PiezoMike Linear Actuators - 4

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