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 All Categories    PRS-200 Precision Rotation Stages
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> Micropositioning Actuators / Stages > Rotation Stages & Tilt Stages > PRS-200 Precision Rotation Stages > Item # 6449921111
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Item # 6449921111, PRS-200 Precision Rotation Stages

With stepper motor and angle measuring system


Worm Gear Ratio


Rotation Range

360 º

Active Axes


Integrated Sensor

Incremental Angle Measuring System

Sensor Signal

Sin/cos, 1 V peak-peak,

Sensor Resolution Angle Measuring System

23600 Lines/revolution

Design Resolution

0.017 µrad

Min. Incremental Motion (typ.)

0.50 µrad

Unidirectional Repeatability (typ.)

0.5 µrad

Bidirectional Repeatability (typ.)

±5 µrad

Wobble (typ.)

±17.5 µrad

Angular Velocity (max.)

35 º/s


Crossed roller bearings

Load Capacity / Axial Force (max.)

500 N

Permissible Lateral Force (max.)

200 N

Motor Type

2-phase stepper motor

Operating Voltage, Nominal (nom.)

48 V

Operating Voltage, Max. (max.)

48 V

Limit Switches

2 x Hall effect

Operating Temperature Range

5 to 40 ºC


Aluminum, black anodized, stainless steel, red bronze

Mass Tolerance

±5 %

Moved Mass, Unloaded Tolerance (±)

5 %


HD Sub-D 26 (m) (sensor)
Sub-D 15 (m) (motor)

Recommended Controllers/Drivers

ACS modular controller
C-663.12 (single axis)

C-885 with C-663.12C885 (up to 20 axes)

SMC Hydra (double axis)


  • DC servo motor with rotary encoder on the motor shaft
  • Stepper motor
  • Option: High-resolution optical angle measuring system for direct position measurement
  • Vacuum versions available on request


Connecting cables for motor and sensor are not in the scope of delivery and must be ordered separately.

Ask about custom designs!


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