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 All Categories    Rotation Stages with Worm Gear Drive (100 mm diameter)
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Motorized Stages, Hexapods, Controllers
> Micropositioning Actuators / Stages > Rotation Stages & Tilt Stages > Rotation Stages with Worm Gear Drive (100 mm diameter) > Item # M-038.PD1
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Item # M-038.PD1, Rotation Stages with Worm Gear Drive (100 mm diameter)

  • Ultra-High Resolution
  • Continuous Rotation
  • Preloaded Worm Drive for Zero Backlash
  • ActiveDrive™ DC-Motor, Stepper-Motor and Manual Versions
  • Compatible with Leading Industrial Motion Controllers
  • Clear Aperture


Design Resolution

9 µrad (0.0005°)

Rotation Range

360 °

Min. Incremental Motion

27 µrad

Max. Speed

90 °/s

Unidirectional Repeatability

20 µrad

Max. Axial Force

± 400 N


1.35 kg


< 75 µrad

Max. Torque (θX, θY)

±6 Nm

Max. Torque CW

2 Nm

Max. Torque CCW

0.8 Nm

Worm Gear Ratio


Body Material


Encoder Resolution

4000 counts/rev.


100 µrad

Nominal Motor Power

30 (ActiveDrive™, integrated PWM servo amplifier) W

Motor Voltage

24 V

Recommended Motor Controller

C-843, C-848, C-862

Rotation Range


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