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 All Categories    Servo Motion Controller/Driver PCI Board for 2 / 4 Axes
All Categories > Micropositioning:
Motorized Stages, Hexapods, Controllers
> Motion Controllers for Micropositioning Systems > Item # C-843
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Item # C-843, Servo Motion Controller/Driver PCI Board for 2 / 4 Axes

  • Two and Four Axis Versions
  • Very Cost-Effective: Servo Amplifiers On-Board
  • Additional PWM Outputs for High-Power Motors
  • Trapezoidal Curve, S-Curve and Velocity Contouring
  • 64 k Samples RAM for High- Speed Trace Operations
  • Hardware Interrupts for Process Control
  • 16 I/O Lines for Flexible Automation
  • Electronic Gearing
  • Motor-Brake Control Output
  • Extensive Software Support
  • General Command Set (GCS) Compatible



PC Plug-in DC-Servo-Motor Controller Board, 32-bit Plug-and-Play PCI-bus, Supported by Main Boards with 3.3 V and 5 V PCI Bus Connectors (Universal Card)



Servo Characteristics

Programmable PID V-FF Filter, Parameter Changes on-the-Fly

Profile Modes

Trapezoidal, S-Curve, Velocity Profile; Electronic Gearing

Output Power / Resolution

Analog 5 watts / Channel (Drawn Directly from PC Power Supply), 12-bit D/A Converters, PWM 10-bit, 24.5 KHz

Current Limitation

250 mA per Channel (Short-circuit-proof)

Encoder Input

AB (Quadrature) Differential TTL Signals, 5 x 106 Counts/s

Stall Detection

Servo Off, Triggered by Programmable Position Error

Limit Switches (per Axis)

2 TTTL (Active High / Low, Programmable)

Origin Switches

1 TTTL (Active High/Low, Programmable) / axis

I/O Ports

8 TTL inputs, 8 TTL Outputs

Motor Connector

15-pin (F) Sub-D per Channel (2 on Board + 2 on Bracket for C-843.41)


PC PCI bus

Command Set

PI General Command Set

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