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 All Categories    E-873 Q-Motion® Servo Controllers for 1 Axis
All Categories > Micropositioning:
Motorized Stages, Hexapods, Controllers
> Motion Controllers for Micropositioning Systems > Item # E-873.1AT
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Item # E-873.1AT, E-873 Q-Motion® Servo Controllers for 1 Axis

For Piezoelectric Inertia Drives, SPI, TCP/IP, USB, RS-232 Interfaces

Broadband encoder input
Macro programmable for stand-alone functionality
Fast startup due to ID chip detection
Data recorder
Digital I/O ports (TTL)
Joystick for manual operation

Digital servo controller for piezo inertia drives
Integrated power amplifier and voltage generator for piezo inertia drives. Point-to-point motion, trapezoidal velocity profile, actuator mode for nanometer precision positioning at the target position. 1 axis.

USB, RS-232, TCP/IP, and SPI for commanding. I/O lines (analog/digital) for automation. Connector for analog joystick.

Encoder inputs
Differential signal transmission for digital (A/B) or analog (sin/cos) encoder signals. BiSS interface for absolute encoders. TTL inputs for limit and reference point switches.

Extensive functions, software support
Powerful macro command language. Nonvolatile macro storage, e.g., for stand-alone operation with autostart macro. Data recorder. ID chip detection for fast startup. PID controller, parameter changing during operation. Extensive software support, e.g., for NI LabVIEW, C, C++, MATLAB, Python. PIMikroMove user software.



Q-Motion® controller for positioning systems with piezo inertia drives, benchtop device with option for control cabinet mounting

Operating Temperature Range

0 to 50 ºC


137 × 105 × 43.82 mm



Supported Functions

Startup macro. Data recorder for recording operating data such as motor voltage, velocity, position or position error. Internal safety circuitry: Watchdog timer. ID chip detection.

Controller Type

PID controller, parameter changing during operation

Servo Cycle Time

50 µs

Dynamics Profile

Trapezoidal velocity profile. Point-to-point motion.

Encoder Input

Analog encoder inputs sine-cosine, interpolation selectable to 20000.
Interpolation electronics preset to differential transmission, 1 Vpp and 2.5 V encoder signal offset.

BiSS interface for absolute encoders.

Stall Detection

Automatic motor stop

Input Limit Switch

2 × TTL (pull-up / pull-down, programmable)

Input Reference Point Switch

1 × TTL for integrated reference in the encoder

Max. Output Power

30 W

Output Voltage

0 to 100 V, drive-dependent selection

Communication Interfaces




Motor / Sensor Connector

D-sub 15 (f)

I/O Lines

4 analog / digital inputs, 4 digital outputs

Command Set

PI General Command Set (GCS)

User Software


Application Programming Interfaces

API for C / C++ / C# / VB.NET / MATLAB / Python, drivers for NI LabVIEW

Manual Control (Optional)


Operating Voltage

24 V DC from external power adapter (in the scope of delivery)

Max. Current Consumption

1.5 A


0.335 kg

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