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Item # F-712.PM1, F-712.PM1 Optical Power Meters

Ideal for Applications in Silicon Photonics

Logarithmic output

High dynamic range

This optical power meter can convert an optical signal into a voltage signal in high resolution and with an extremely high bandwidth. The design of the optical input enables measuring of the optical signal independent of the position of the optical fiber in the connector.

The device also has a current input. For example, a photodiode can be connected to this input and the diode current converted into a logarithmic voltage signal. Switching between the inputs is done via a button and an LED lights up when the current input is activated. The large wavelength range of the optical power meter enables working in both the visible and infrared range without switching. The precise, logarithmical output signal is ideal for optical alignment systems. The optical power meter is therefore suitable for the fastest fully automatic alignment systems available on the market.


Large Signal Bandwidth

20 kHz

Current Input Range

1 mA

Wavelength Range

400 to 1550 nm




Polarization Dependence


Minimum Input Power at 1550 nm

85 nW

Max. Input Power at 1550 nm

85 mW

Average Noise at 1550 nm

<10 nW

Max. Input Current

1 mA

Average Noise

<120 Pa

Output Signal


Voltage Range (typ.)

-5 to 5 V

Bandwidth (3dB)

20 kHz

Logarithmic Increase

1 V/10 dB

Output Voltage at 85 mW, 1550 nm

≈ +5 V

Output Voltage at 85 nW, 1550 nm

≈ -1.2 V

Output Voltage at 1 mA Input Current

5 V

Operating Voltage

12 to 24 V

Power Consumption

2.4 W

Overall Mass

0.6 kg

Relative Humidity (Not Condensing)

20 to 70 %

Operating Temperature Range

5 to 40 ºC

Storage Temperature Range

-10 to 50 ºC


The exact calculation of the light output is described in the documentation supplied.


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