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 All Categories    E-481 PICA Piezo High-Power Amplifier/Controllers
All Categories > Nanopositioning: Piezo Stages,
Actuators, Piezo Controllers, Sensors
> Piezo drivers, Controllers, Power Amps > High-Power Amplifiers 500 to 2000 W > Item # E-481.00
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Item # E-481.00, E-481 PICA Piezo High-Power Amplifier/Controllers

2000 W and high efficiency due to energy recovery

Integrated energy recovery
Overheat protection for piezo actuators with temperature sensor
Position control (optional)
Computer interface and display modules

PICA high-performance piezo amplifier
19-inch benchtop device for dynamic continuous operation of PICA piezo actuators with high electrical capacitance. Analog control. Output voltage to 1100 V, bipolar can be set.

Energy saving of up to 80 % due to switched amplifier principle
Switching amplifier with pulse width modulation (PWM) of the piezo output voltage. When the piezo actuator is discharged, a patented circuitry for energy recovery stores part of the returning energy in a capacitor and makes it reusable for the next charging cycle. The amplifier runs cooler and provides better stability.

Fields of application
Industry and research. Active vibration absorber. Adaptive mechanics. Precision mechanics/machining. Optics. Metrology / measuring technology. Interferometry. Adaptive systems technology. Switching applications. Laser tuning. Force generation / material testing. Nanotechnology.


Operating Temperature Range

5 to 50 ºC (above 40 ºC, power derated)

Output Voltage

Default: 0 to 1100 V
Can be set: -260 to 780 V, -550 to 550 V, +260 to 780 V, 0 to -1100 V

Input Impedance

100 kO

Average Output Power

Equivalent to 630 VA reactive power


Power amplifier with energy recovery for PICA high-volt piezo actuators with option for P-177.50 temperature sensor and rinse air connection for PICA HVPZT

Voltage Gain



288 × 450 × 158 mm + Handles

Operating Voltage

100 to 120 / 220 to 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz (fuse change required)

Amplifier Channels


Max. Output Peak Power (< 5 ms)

2000 V·A

Average Output Current

>600 mA

Peak Current (< 5 ms)

2000 mA

Small-Signal Amplifier Bandwidth

1 kHz (3.4 µF)
5 kHz (660 nF)

Large-Signal Amplifier Bandwidth

1.4 kHz (660 nF)
350 Hz (3.4 µF)

Residual Ripple Noise (0 to 100 kHz)

150 mVrms

Current Limitation

Short-Circuit Proof

Input Voltage Range

With servo: 0 to 10 V
Without servo: ±1/100 of selected output voltage range

Piezo Connection

LEMO EGG.0B.701.CJL1173

Analog Input

BNC socket

DC-Offset Setting

10-turn potentiometer, adds 0 to 10 V to the input voltage

Temperature Sensor

LEMO socket, automatic deactivation of high voltage at max. 85 ºC


8.6 kg

Output Voltage (Bipolar)

0 to ± 1100 V


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