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 All Categories    H-860 6-Axis Motion Hexapod Stages
All Categories > Item # H-860.S2H  
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Item # H-860.S2H, H-860 6-Axis Motion Hexapod Stages

High velocity and dynamics

Minimal moved mass and inertia

Precise path tracking

Friction-free voice coil drive

Thanks to its excellent dynamic properties, the H-860 is ideally suited for motion simulation.

It is used in test systems, e.g. for image stabilization in cameras and mobile devices. Further fields of application include quality assurance of camera test systems and image stabilization software; vibration simulation, eye tracking, simulation of human and artificial motion.

The friction-free drive design is based on voice coils drives and flexure guides. The struts and platform are made of carbon fiber for minimal moved mass and inertia.

PIMag® voice coil
Voice coil drives consist of two essential components: A permanent magnet and a coil that are located in the air gap of the magnetic field. Thanks to their low weight and friction-free drive principle, voice coil drives are particularly suitable for applications that require high dynamics and high velocities at limited travel ranges. High scan frequencies and precision positioning are also possible with these drives, because they are free of the effects of hysteresis.

Parallel-kinematic 6-axis system
Parallel-kinematic design for six degrees of freedom making it significantly more compact and stiffer than serial-kinematic systems, no moved cables.
Precise running of predefined motion profiles with high path accuracy: Sine curves and freely definable trajectories.


Active Axes

X, Y, Z, θX, θY, θZ

Travel Range X, Y, Z

±7.5 mm

Travel Range θX, θY, θZ

±4 º

Actuator Design Resolution

5 nm

Min. Incremental Motion X, Y (typ.)

1 µm

Min. Incremental Motion Z (typ.)

1 µm

Min. Incremental Motion θX, θY, θZ (typ.)

9 µrad

Backlash X, Y (typ.)

0.2 µm

Backlash Z (typ.)

0.06 µm

Backlash θX, θY (typ.)

4 µrad

Backlash θZ (typ.)

4 µrad

Unidirectional Repeatability X, Y (typ.)

±0.5 µm

Unidirectional Repeatability Z (typ.)

±0.5 µm

Unidirectional Repeatability θX, θY (typ.)

±9 µrad

Unidirectional Repeatability θZ (typ.)

±9 µrad

Velocity X, Y, Z (max.)

250 mm/s

Max. Frequency

30 Hz

Amplitude Frequency Product X, Y, Z

30 mm·Hz

Amplitude Frequency Product θX, θY, θZ

15 º·Hz

Amplitude Error (max.)

10 %

Phase Error (max.)

60 Hz

Stiffness X, Y

0.7 N/µm

Stiffness Z

8 N/µm

Load Capacity (Horizontal Base Plate / Any Orientation) (max.)

1 kg

Motor Type

Voice Coil

Operating Temperature Range

0 to 50 ºC


Stainless Steel


30 kg

Mass Tolerance

±5 %

Power Consumption (max.)

300 W

Recommended Controller


Axial Configuration



Technical data specified at 20±3 ºC.


·  H-860 6-Axis Motion Hexapod Stages - 3

·  H-860 6-Axis Motion Hexapod Stages - 4

·  H-860 6-Axis Motion Hexapod Stages - 5

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