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 All Categories    H-811.I2/I2V 6-Axis Miniature Hexapod Stages
All Categories > Item # H-811.I2 / .I2V  
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Item # H-811.I2 / .I2V, H-811.I2/I2V 6-Axis Miniature Hexapod Stages

Fast, compact, and highly precise

Superior lifetime

Vacuum-compatible versions available

Reference-class 6-axis positioning system
Parallel-kinematic design for six degrees of freedom making it significantly more compact and stiff than serial-kinematic systems, higher dynamic range, no moved cables: Higher reliability, reduced friction. Vacuum-compatible version to 106 hPa available

Fields of application
Research and industry, standard and vacuum environments. For micromanufacturing, medical technology, tool inspection.

Brushless DC motor (BLDC)
Brushless DC motors are particularly suitable for high rotational speeds. They can be controlled very accurately and ensure high precision. Because they dispense with sliding contacts, they run smoothly, are wear-free and therefore achieve a long lifetime.


Active Axes

X, Y, Z, θX, θY, θZ

Travel Range X, Y

±17, ±16 mm

Travel Range Z

±6.5 mm

Travel Range θX, θY

±10, ±10 º

Travel Range θz

±21 º

Actuator Design Resolution

5 nm

Min. Incremental Motion X, Y (typ.)

0.2 µm

Min. Incremental Motion Z (typ.)

0.08 µm

Min. Incremental Motion θX, θY (typ.)

2.5 µrad

Min. Incremental Motion θZ (typ.)

5 µrad

Backlash X, Y (typ.)

0.2 µm

Backlash Z (typ.)

0.06 µm

Backlash θX, θY (typ.)

2 µrad

Backlash θZ (typ.)

4 µrad

Repeatability X, Y (typ.)

±0.15 µm

Repeatability Z (typ.)

±0.06 µm

Repeatability θX, θY (typ.)

±2 µrad

Repeatability θZ (typ.)

±3 µrad

Max. Velocity X, Y, Z (typ.)

10 mm/s

Max. Velocity θX, θY, θZ

250 mrad/s

Typ. Velocity X, Y, Z

5 mm/s

Typ. Velocity θX, θY, θZ

120 mrad/s

Stiffness X / Y

0.7 N/µm

Stiffness Z

8 N/µm

Load Capacity (Horizontal Base Plate) (max.)

5 kg

Load Capacity (Base Plate in any Orientation) (max.)

2.5 kg

Holding Force (Power Off, Horizontal Base Plate) (max.)

15 N

Holding Force (Power Off, Base Plate In Any Orientation) (max.)

2.5 N

Motor Type

BLDC Motor

Operating Temperature Range

0 to 50 ºC


Stainless Steel


2.2 kg

Mass Tolerance

±5 %

Cable Length

0.5 + 3 / 3 (air) + 2 (vacuum) m

Recommended Controller


Axial Configuration



Technical data specified at 20±3 ºC.

For continuous operation in a vacuum, restrictions on operating parameters may be necessary due to heat generation.

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