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 All Categories    A-62x PIglide RM Rotation Stages with Air Bearings
All Categories > A-62x PIglide RM Rotation Stages with Air Bearings > Item # A-621.025  
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Item # A-621.025, A-62x PIglide RM Rotation Stages with Air Bearings

Friction-free, ideal for indexing, positioning, scanning, measuring technology

Cleanroom compatible

Can be mounted vertically or horizontally

The PIglide RM series of motorized rotation stages are designed for accuracy, precision, high stiffness, and ease of use, and can be mounted in any orientation.
Various options can be combined to create a solution ideal for point-to-point indexing or constant velocity scanning.
The RM stages offer superior travel accuracy, flatness, and wobble performance. Because they are friction free and require no maintenance or lubrication, they are ideal for use in cleanrooms.

Absolute encoder (optional)
Absolute encoders supply explicit position information that enables immediate determination of the position. This means that referencing is not required during switch-on, which increases efficiency and safety during operation.

Application fields
Optical alignment, metrology, inspection systems, calibration, scanning.


Travel Range

Unlimited, > 360º

Motion Platform Diameter (max.)

50 mm

Journal Length (max.)

25 mm

Eccentricity (max.)

300 nm

Flatness (max.)

100 nm

Wobble (max.)

5 µrad

Load Capacity (Axial) (max.)

134 N

Load Capacity (Radial) (max.)

57 N

Load Torque (MX, Y) (max.)

0.57 Nm

Axial Stiffness

26 N/µm

Radial Stiffness

8 N/µm

Moment of Inertia

125 kg·mm²

Moved Mass

0.4 kg

Overall Mass

1.2 kg

Guide Type

Air bearing

Drive Type

Ironless 3-phase torque motor, slotless

Nominal Intermediate Circuit Voltage (rms) (DC)

48 V

Max. Intermediate Circuit Voltage (RMS) (DC)

80 V

Peak Current (RMS) (max.)

10.3 A

Nominal Current (RMS) (max.)

3.3 A

Peak Torque (typ.)

0.21 Nm

Nominal Torque (typ.)

0.07 Nm

Force Constant (RMS) (typ.)

0.03 Nm/A

Resistance Phase to Phase

2.7 O

Inductance Phase to Phase

0.1 mH

Back EMF Phase to Phase (max.)

4.1 V/kRPM

Integrated Sensor

Incremental Angle Measuring System

Sensor Signal

Sin/Cos, 1 V peak-peak

Lines/Revolution (A-62x.xxxAx)


Max. Velocity (A-62x.xxxAx)

2500 rpm

Max. Velocity (A-62x.xxxBx)

2500 rpm

Sensor Resolution (A-62x.xxxAx)

0.047 rpm

Sensor Resolution (A-62x.xxxBx)

0.0015 rpm

Bidirectional Repeatability

± 4 µrad

Positioning Accuracy (Calibrated)

± 4 µm

Reference Switch

1 / revolution, differential pulse over one sensor signal period, 1 V peak-peak

Operating Pressure

75 to 85 psi
515 to 585

Air Consumption

< 2 scfm

Air Quality

Clean (filtered to 1.0 µm or better) - ISO 8573-1 Class 1
Dry (-15 º dew point) - ISO 8573-1 Class 3

Oil free - ISO 8573-1 Class 1


Hardcoat Aluminum, Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware

3-Phase Torque Motor

  • Brushless
  • Slotless
  • Low cogging torque

Accessories and Options

  • Encoder
  • Optional tip/tilt platform
  • Custom mounting flanges
  • Vacuum feedthrough
  • Slip rings
  • PIglide filter and air preparation kit
  • Single or multi-axis motion controllers and servo drives
  • Base plates made of granite and systems for reducing vibration


·  A-62x PIglide RM Rotation Stages with Air Bearings - 3

·  A-62x PIglide RM Rotation Stages with Air Bearings - 4

·  A-62x PIglide RM Rotation Stages with Air Bearings - 5

·  A-62x PIglide RM Rotation Stages with Air Bearings - 6

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