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 All Categories    P-713 XY Linear Piezo Scanners
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Actuators, Piezo Controllers, Sensors
> Piezo Nanopositioning Systems > Single Axis Piezo Nanopositioning Systems > P-713 XY Linear Piezo Scanners > Item # P-713.20L
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Item # P-713.20L, P-713 XY Linear Piezo Scanners

Cost-Effective OEM System with Low Profile

Ideal for pixel sub-stepping in image enhancement
Compact design: 45 mm × 45 mm × 6 mm with clear aperture
Very cost-effective design
Parallel kinematics for enhanced dynamics and better multi-axis accuracy


Active Axes


Open Loop Travel at at -20 to 120 V (min.)

20/-0 %

Pitch (typ.)

±1 µrad

Pitch (max.)

±5 µrad

Yaw (typ.)

±40 µrad

Yaw (max.)

±50 µrad


0.8 N/µm

Stiffness Tolerance (±)

20 %

No Load Resonant Frequency

2250 Hz

No Load Resonant Frequency Tolerance (±)

20 %

Resonant Frequency at 20 g Under Load

1310 Hz

Resonant Frequency at 50 g Under Load

1020 Hz

Resonant Frequency at 100 g Under Load

460 Hz

Resonant Frequency Under Load Tolerance (±)

20 %

Push/Pull Force Capacity In Motion Direction (max.)

5/5 N

Load Capacity (max.)

2 N

Ceramic Type

PICMA® P-882

Electrical Capacitance (XY)

0.31 µF

Electrical Capacitance (XY) Tolerance (±)

20 %

Dynamic Operating Current Coefficient (DOCC) in (XY)

2.5 µA/(Hz × µm)

Dynamic Operating Current Coefficient (DOCC) in (XY) Tolerance (±)

20 %

Operating Temperature Range

-20 to 80 ºC


Stainless Steel

Mass Tolerance (±)

5 %

Cable Length Tolerance (±)

10 %

Voltage Connection


Recommended Controller / Amplifier

Single-channel (1 per axis): E-610 servo-controller / amplifier, E-625 servo-controller, bench-top, E-621 controller module

Multi-channel: E-500 modular piezo controller system with E-503 amplifier module (three channels) or E-505 (1 per axis, high-power) and E-509 controller


The resolution of PI piezo nanopositioners is not limited by friction or stiction. Value is given noise equivalent motion with Dynamic Operating Current Coefficient in µA per Hz and µm. Example: Sinusoidal scan of 10 µm at 100 Hz requires approximately 2.5 mA drive current.


·  P-713 XY Linear Piezo Scanners - 3

·  P-713 XY Linear Piezo Scanners - 4

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