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 All Categories    Piezo Drivers for LVPZT Multilayer Bender Actuators
All Categories > Nanopositioning: Piezo Stages,
Actuators, Piezo Controllers, Sensors
> Piezo drivers, Controllers, Power Amps > Controllers for Bender Piezo Actuators > Piezo Drivers for LVPZT Multilayer Bender Actuators > Item # E-650.OE
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Item # E-650.OE, Piezo Drivers for LVPZT Multilayer Bender Actuators

  • Specifically Designed to Drive Multilayer Bimorph Actuators
  • Bench-Top and OEM Versions
  • Up to 18 W Peak Power
  • LCD Voltage Display
  • Output Voltage±30 V or 0 to 60 V and Separate Fixed Voltage




Output Voltage

0 to 60 V
±30 V

One Additional Fixed Voltage of 60 V

Output Voltage

0 to 60 V

Max. Output Power

8 W


0.15 kg


Power Amplifier

Average Output Power

4 W

Peak Output Current <5 ms

140 mA

Average Output Current >5 ms

60 mA

Current Limitation

Short-Circuit Proof

Voltage Gain

6 ±0.1



Control Input Voltage

0 to 10 V

DC-Offset Setting

0 to 60 V at Output, with 10-turn Pot

Input Impedance

100 kO

Frequency Response

200 Hz at 1000 nF Load, 3 kHz no Load

Control Input Socket

Header pins

PZT Voltage Output Socket

Header pins

Operating Voltage

+/- 15 V, 315 mA Max., Stabilized

Operating Temperature Range

0 to 50 ºC

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