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Item # P-246.20 (B), Preloaded High-Load Piezo Actuators (HVPZT) with Sensor Option

  • Extremely High Stiffness
  • Pushing Forces to 30,000 N
  • Pulling Forces to 3500 N
  • Travel Range to 120µm
  • Options: Versions for Vacuum, High- and Low-Temperatures and with Water-Resistant Case


Travel Range

20 µm

Unloaded Resonant Frequency

8.00 kHz

Open Loop Resolution

0.20 nm

Static Large-Signal Stiffness

700 N/µm

Push Force Capacity

12500 N

Integrated Position Sensor


Pull Force Capacity

2000 N

Max. Operating Voltage (DC)

1000 V

Electrical Capacitance

613 nF ±20%

Dynamic Operating Current Coefficient (DOCC)

38 µA/(Hz x µm)

Weight (without Cables)

540 g ±5%

Recommended Amplifier / Controller

B, I, J

Temperature Range

-40 to 80 °C


Active structures (Adaptronics)
Active vibration control

Adaptive mechanics

Force generation / materials testing

Precision engineering / micromechanisms

Static and dynamic positioning

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