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 All Categories    PicoCube® High-Speed, XY(Z) Piezo Stages for Nanotechnology, SPM, AFM
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Actuators, Piezo Controllers, Sensors
> Piezo Nanopositioning Systems > Multi-Axis Stages without Aperture > PicoCube® High-Speed, XY(Z) Piezo Stages for Nanotechnology, SPM, AFM > Item # P-363.2CD

Item # P-363.2CD, PicoCube® High-Speed, XY(Z) Piezo Stages for Nanotechnology, SPM, AFM

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  • Ultra-High-Performance Closed-Loop Scanner for AFM/SPM
  • Compact Manipulation Tool for Nanotechnology
  • Resonant Frequency 9.8 kHz
  • Ultra-High-Precision Capacitive Feedback
  • Parallel-Motion Metrology for Highest Linearity and Stability
  • 50 Picometers Resolution
  • 5 x 5 x 5 µm Travel Range
  • Very Small Package
  • Rugged Design


Active Axes


Open Loop Resolution

0.10 nm

Max. Normal Load

10 N

Travel Range

6 µm

Weight (with Cables)

190 g ±5%

Body Material


Closed Loop Travel Range

5 µm

Integrated Feedback Sensor


Closed Loop Resolution

0.10 nm

Closed Loop Linearity (X, Y, typ.)

1 nm

Tilt, Off-Axis (typ.)

0.5 µrad

Electrical Capacitance

60 nF ±20%

Unloaded Resonant Frequency

4.2 kHz

Resonant Frequency at 20 g Load (X, Y)

2.1 kHz ±20%

Operating Temperature Range

-40 to +120 °C

Voltage and Sensor Connection

Sub-D Special (P-363.xCL versions with Lemo connectors)

Recommended Amplifier / Controller

E-500 Rack, E-509, E-507.36 Amplifier


·  Graph Time v/s Positioning

·  Dimensional Drawing

·  Chart - 300 Picometer Steps

·  Dimensional Drawing



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