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Item # S-340.xL, High-Speed Piezo Tip/Tilt Platforms

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  • Fixed Orthogonal Axes with a Common Pivot Point
  • 4 mad Optical Beam Deflection
  • For Mirrors to 100 mm ø
  • Sub-µrad Resolution
  • Closed-Loop Versions for Better Linearity
  • Differential Design for Excellent Temperature Stability
  • Zero Friction Flexure Guides
  • Single-Moving-Platform, Parallel-Kinematics Design: Equal Dynamics for all Axes, Better Linearity & Temperature Stability


Active Axes

θX, θY

Open Loop Resolution

0.10 µrad

Open Loop Angular Resolution

0.10 µrad

Unloaded Resonant Frequency

1.40 kHz

Closed Loop Resolution

0.50 nm

Closed Loop Angular Resolution

0.50 µrad

Open Loop Tilt Angle

2 mrad

Weight (without Cables)

335 g ±5%

Closed Loop Tilt Angle

2.0 mrad

Electrical Capacitance

6.0 µF ±20% / axis

Dynamic Operating Current Coefficient (DOCC)

0.38 µA/(Hz x µrad) / axis

Resonant Frequency with Ø 50 x 15 mm Glass Mirror

0.9 kHz ±20%

Resonant Frequency with Ø 75 x 22 mm Glass Mirror

0.4 kHz ±20%

Distance, Pivot Point to Platform Surface (T)

7.5 mm

Platform Moment of Inertia

18000 g.mm2

Operating Temperature Range

-20 to +80 °C

Voltage Connection

3 x VL

Sensor Connection

2 x L

Material (Case)


Material (Platform)

Depends on version

Recommended Amplifier / Controller

H (with 1 x E-5), E

Integrated Feedback Sensor

4 x LVDT

Full-Range Repeatability (typ.)

±1 µrad


Adaptive optics systems
Beam switching

Correction of polygon scanner errors

Image stabilization

Interlacing, dithering

Laser beam stabilization

Laser beam steering and scanning


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