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 All Categories    PICA™ Thru Piezo Stack Actuators with Aperture (HVPZT)
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> Piezoelectric Actuators, Translators, Piezo Ceramic Components > Piezo Actuators & Tubes with No Casing > PICA™ Thru Piezo Stack Actuators with Aperture (HVPZT) > Item # P-025.50H

Item # P-025.50H, PICA™ Thru Piezo Stack Actuators with Aperture (HVPZT)

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  • Clear Aperture for Transmitted-Light Applications
  • Large Cross-Sections Available to 56 mm Diameter
  • Variety of Shapes and Options
  • Extreme Reliability >109Cycles
  • Proven and Flexible Design
  • Sub-Nanometer Resolution / Sub-Millisecond Settling-Time
  • Vacuum Compatible and Nonmagnetic Versions


Travel Range

80 µm

Length L

66 mm ±0.5

Blocking Force

9600 N

Static Large-Signal Stiffness

120 N/µm


1200 nF ±20%

Unloaded Resonant Frequency

17 kHz

Outside Diameter

25 mm

Inside Diameter

16 mm

Recommended Preload for Dynamic Operation

15 to 30 MPa

Standard PZT Ceramic Type

PIC 151

Operating Voltage

0 to 1000 V

Operating Temperature Range

-20 to +85 °C

Standard Mechanical Interface (Top & Bottom)

Ceramic, 0.5 - 2 mm thick

Standard Electrical Interface

Pigtail length 100 mm
Two PTFE-insulated wires

Available Options

Integrated Piezo Sensor
Strain Gauge Sensors

Vacuum Compatible


Confocal microscopy
Image stabilization

Laser treatment

Laser tuning



Precision mechanics


·  Custom PICA - Thru Piezo Actuator

·  Dimensional Drawing

·  Customized PICA -Thru Actuator Discs


Quick Facts

Mounting Guidelines for Piezo Translators


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