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 All Categories    NEXLINE® Miniature High-Load Piezo Nanopositioning Drive
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Motorized Stages, Hexapods, Controllers
> Ceramic Linear Motors: PILine Ultrasonic Motors, Nexline PiezoWalk Nano-Drivers > Item # N-110

Item # N-110, NEXLINE® Miniature High-Load Piezo Nanopositioning Drive

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  • Winner of the SEMI Technology Innovation Showcase Award
  • 3 mm Travel Range
  • <0.1 nm Resolution (Open-Loop)
  • Active Force Generation to 30 N
  • >50 N Holding Force Self-Locking


Travel Range in Step Mode

3 mm

Max. Step Size in Step Mode

1.5 µm

Max. Step Frequency

100 Hz

Max. Speed

0.15 mm/s

Travel Range in Analog Mode

0.8 µm

Resolution (Open-Loop) in Analog Mode

<0.1 nm

Holding Force (passive)

>50 N

Push Force (Active)

30 N

Pull Force (Active)

30 N

Stiffness in Motion Direction

15 N/µm

Max. Operating Voltage

±250 V

Recommended Controller



Alignment in high magnetic fields
Beamline / cavity tuning


Quality control in the semiconductor industry

Semiconductor manufacturing


·  Z, Tip, Tilt platform with NEXLINE

·  Dimensional Drawing

·  Back View



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